Receive your Green Fins environmental certification with the Dive Guide e-Course Scholarship Fund

The Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course trains dive guides to best environmental standards, helping them to preserve coral reefs and related ecosystems by reducing the negative impacts of scuba diving above and below the water. While it’s free to take the course, the personalised certificate to prove your status as a Green Fins guide costs £19 ($24 USD). However, we realise some dive guides – particularly those from developing countries – are unable to afford this expense.

For this reason, Reef-World has launched a Dive Guide e-Course Scholarship Fund which will help dive guides in need receive their Green Fins certification. More and more divers are looking to choose guides who follow environmental best practice so displaying this certificate can help you attract eco-minded customers, increase your employability and may even result in more tips!            

If you’ve taken and passed the Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course but can’t afford the certification fee, you might be eligible for a Scholarship. You can apply at any time and funds will begin to be allocated once 50% of the campaign goal has been reached.

Before proceeding with your application, please ensure you meet all the requirements for the Scholarship. To be eligible for the scholarship, dive guides must:

  • have completed and passed all modules of the Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course (free to take);
  • be able to demonstrate they or their employer are not in a financial position to purchase the certificate;
  • and be a national of a country which receives official development assistance from the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The list can be found here.


Dive guides will receive a response within 20 working days of submitting a full and complete application. The response will let you know whether you have:

  1. Been successful in your scholarship application (with further instructions on how to receive your certificate);
  2. Have been placed on the waiting list (and will be contacted when sufficient funds have been raised to cover your scholarship);
  3. Have not been successful in your application

Please note:

  • Responses to incomplete applications will not be provided.
  • We are a small team and therefore we will not be able to respond to individual applicants as to why they have not been selected.
  • You may apply again but we encourage you not to apply more than twice.
  • False information will disqualify you from the Scholarship opportunity, and other opportunities that may arise in future granted by Reef-World and its associated partners.