Dive like an Egyptian with Green Fins

Reef-World Assessor Trainers Chloe and James travelled to Egypt to train a second team for the Red Sea. This blog provides an insight into the training and a few surprises that were had along the way. Read more

Covid-19 - Green Fins Update from The Reef-World Foundation

In light of recent developments regarding #Covid19, here is an update from JJ Harvey, Director of The Reef-World Foundation (international coordinator of Green Fins): Read more

Protect Your Business with Responsible Marine Tourism – Top Tips for Agents & Operators

Scuba divers and snorkellers are vital guardians of the fragile and beautiful underwater world. Tour operators and agents can give customers a higher quality of experience by sharing these easy environmental Green Fins guidelines before they even go away. Read more

9 Things You Need to Know about Sunscreen and Coral Reefs

There’s been lots of talk in the press recently about the negative effect chemical sunscreens might have on coral reefs. This has left many people with lots of questions: which chemicals are problematic, what impact do they have and, if I can’t wear sunscreen, how can I stop myself getting burned? Here, we’ve digested the latest news and science around potentially harmful sunscreen so you don’t have to (unless you really want to!). Read more

The Sustainability Interview: Evolution Malapascua

To find out more about what it’s like to be involved in the Green Fins programme, we spoke to Matt Reed from Evolution, Malapascua, which has been a member since 2014. Read more

Top Tips for Creating a Successful Ocean Conservation Fundraising Campaign

Ready to start fundraising but not sure where to start? Here some top tips to help you raise as much as possible. Read more

Demonstrating Marine Conservation Success in the “Village of Coral” – Okinawa, Japan, December 2019

This December, Chloe and I visited Onna Village in Okinawa. Globally renowned for its marine sports, Onna Village recognises its coral reefs as the treasure of the island and has been working to protect them for many years. Despite this, the island’s corals are dying because of the effects of global warming and the village has recognised the need to do more to prevent further damage... and they’re already well underway with their efforts. Read more

Building capacity to expand the adoption of Green Fins in Mabini, Philippines, December 2019

Hear from Reef-World's newest staff member about a recent capacity building trip to train new assessors for the Batangas region of the Philippines. Read more

Inspiring Young Marine Conservation Ambassadors – Dominican Republic, November 2019

It’s an exciting time for us as we plan for a ground-breaking new project which will inspire a generation of Youth Ambassadors for coral reef conservation in the Dominican Republic. Read more

The Sunscreen Interview: Caudalie

The team at Reef-World - which coordinates the Green Fins initiative globally in partnership with the UN Environment Programme - caught up with Caudalie to find out more about reef-safe sunscreen. Read more

Facilitating Independent Expansion – Maldives, November 2019

Reef-World's Director JJ on his recent trip to the stunning Maldives where he was helping build capacity for the Green Fins initiative to expand across the popular tourist island nation. Read more