Citizen Science: How you can help protect the oceans

Why do the oceans need citizen scientists? What do you get out of taking part? What should you look out for? Reef-World's Samantha Craven answers your citizen science questions Read more

How prohibiting the sale and purchase of corals and shells eliminates the black-market economy and preserves ocean reefs

It’s tempting to pick up an attractive shell or piece of coral and place it somewhere in your home as a memento of your underwater adventures and constant reminder of your connection with the marine world. Pippa from iDiveblue explains the long-term consequences of removing marine life from our reefs. Read more

A history of Green Fins in… Malaysia

When it comes to Green Fins, Malaysia is a leader in many ways: a relatively early adopter of the programme (initially in 2007), it was also the first country (along with Thailand) to have its own Assessor Trainers as well as the first (with Indonesia) to take part in a Green Fins Assessor Exchange programme. It’s also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the leader board of most environmental dive and snorkel operators. Read on to find out more... Read more

The Sustainability Interview: Ceningan Divers

To get some more insight into what it takes to make it into the Green Fins top 10, we spoke with Robert Scales from Ceningan Divers on Nusa Ceningan, Bali, which joined the programme in 2018. Read more

A history of Green Fins in… Indonesia

About Green Fins in Indonesia where the country is using the initiative to protect coral reefs and reduce threats to the marine environment. Read more

The Sustainability Interview: Scuba Junkie

We've gathered together a few of the Scuba Junkie crew to hear about their work to improve sustainability through the Green Fins initiative. Read more

How are Green Fins members working on sustainability during lockdown?

Despite current travel restrictions, many Green Fins members are taking this time to work on aspects of their sustainability policies. Here are just a few examples. Read more

The Sustainability Interview: Bali Scuba

To get some more insight into what it’s like to be a Green Fins member, we chatted to Virginie Casse from Bali Scuba in Sanur which joined the programme in 2019. Read more

My First Beach Cleanup: Furaha’s Story

It’s not just Green Fins members who can benefit from the initiative’s knowledge, tools and resources. The Green Fins materials are available (for free) for members and non-members alike to use to reduce their environmental impact. Wife and mother Furaha learned this first-hand when she contacted the team here at Reef-World (we coordinate Green Fins internationally) to ask for some help with her first ever beach cleanup event. Here is her story… Read more

Dive like an Egyptian with Green Fins

Reef-World Assessor Trainers Chloe and James travelled to Egypt to train a second team for the Red Sea. This blog provides an insight into the training and a few surprises that were had along the way. Read more

Covid-19 - Green Fins Update from The Reef-World Foundation

In light of recent developments regarding #Covid19, here is an update from JJ Harvey, Director of The Reef-World Foundation (international coordinator of Green Fins): Read more

Protect Your Business with Responsible Marine Tourism – Top Tips for Agents & Operators

Scuba divers and snorkellers are vital guardians of the fragile and beautiful underwater world. Tour operators and agents can give customers a higher quality of experience by sharing these easy environmental Green Fins guidelines before they even go away. Read more