El Nido, Palawan, is quickly becoming one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the Philippines. Its sheer limestone cliffs and protected waters provide spectacular attractions for dive and snorkel tourists from all over the world. As local infrastructure has improved, annual tourist visits have increased from approximately 10,000 in 1994 to 83,000 in 2014 (Source: DOT); a staggering 730% increase in 20 years. This growth has placed enormous pressure on the marine environment and its delicate coral reef ecosystems.

To alleviate the direct pressures of the diving and snorkelling tourism industries upon El Nido’s reefs, The El Nido Foundation (ENF, a local NGO) has been implementing the Green Fins management approach since 2012. Since then, the number of dive shops and, in particular, snorkel tour operators, in El Nido has increased exponentially. Wanting to ensure local GF membership rates remained high, whilst maintaining the rigorous standards of the GF assessment process, ENF requested additional support from The Reef-World Foundation.

November 2015 – Green Fins Philippines – El Nido Activities

Two staff from Reef-World visited ENF, on location, to conduct a GF Assessor Refresher Training course between the 23rdNovember and the 1st December 2015. The workshop developed the capacity of seven ENF staff and one member of the Local Government Unit (LGU). Training commenced with one full day of theory-based work covering staff roles and responsibilities, the Green Fins membership process, and developments with new GF materials, such as the latest version of the assessor manual. The remaining days were spent in the field focussing upon annual member assessments and training, formal report writing, the selection criteria for appropriate environmental solutions, and multi-cultural stakeholder consultations.

Reef-World and ENF attend a Green Nido meeting

Seven dive centres renewed their membership with their annual assessments and training sessions and ENF will be continuing their work with Green Fins throughout 2016. In addition, Green Fins activities provided a valuable platform for communications between ENF, the LGU and a local group of environmentally minded stakeholders, Green Nido. The group hope to highlight the need for increased numbers and security of mooring buoys in Bacuit Bay, as well as promote monthly underwater clean-up events, position trashcans in popular tourist areas and provide local schools with marine education classes.

The training was a huge success, affirming the skills and competencies of the local Green Fins management team. Reef-World are extremely proud of all the team’s hard work, which allows local stakeholders to alleviate their pressures upon the marine environment. Prospects in the near future will hopefully involve further expansion and strengthening of the already proficient team.