As Regional Coordinators of Green Fins, Reef-World are always there to support and develop the capacity of the National Teams of Green Fins in their respective countries. This meeting in Baguio was a Philippine first as it was the first occasion for all of the Regional Technical Directors to be present in one room and discuss the future of the coral reefs of the Philippines.

Reef-World was there to provide input and to to outline how Green Fins is to be implemented under a national wide strategy that has officially been accepted under the government’s plans. The Sustainable Coral Reef Management Plan – SCREMP has Green Fins as an official Administrative Order that clearly defines Green Fins and its role in protecting corals through having a sustainable diving and snorkelling tourism industry. Chloe, along with support from Sam and volunteer Wai, was there to present which was well accepted by all.

It was an event clearly enjoyed by all in the cool surroundings of the tourist hotspot renowned for its beautiful views and cool climes.