Designed for the marine tourism industry, as well as local and national marine resource managers, we have a new two-minute video on sustainable diving titled "Green Fins for a Blue Planet", produced by UNEP in partnership with syndicated cartoonist Jim Toomey. Using clear and simple language, the video shows how divers, dive centre operators and owners, and governments can influence both the environmental and economic sustainability of the industry. 

"The public is embracing dive tourism in a big way, and that's great," said Mr. Toomey. "However, now that we are taking to the water in such big numbers, there needs to be a set of guidelines that we can teach and follow as a dive community, if we're going to protect our delicate coral reefs for future generations." 

Watch it on the Green Fins YouTube channel

April 2016 - Two Minutes with Jim Toomey - Green Fins for a Blue Planet