The Sunscreen Interview: Caudalie

The team at Reef-World - which coordinates the Green Fins initiative globally in partnership with the UN Environment Programme - caught up with Caudalie to find out more about reef-safe sunscreen. Read more

Facilitating Independent Expansion – Maldives, November 2019

Reef-World's Director JJ on his recent trip to the stunning Maldives where he was helping build capacity for the Green Fins initiative to expand across the popular tourist island nation. Read more

How to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint While Travelling

People around the world are becoming more aware of the issues around single-use plastic and how to reduce their plastic footprint in day to day life. But what about while travelling? On the road, it can feel even more difficult to reduce your plastic use. But, with a bit of planning, it can be done. And even if everyone made just a few small changes to their plastic consumption, it could have a big impact on the environment. Read more

A history of Green Fins in… the Philippines

About Green Fins in the Philippines where the country is using the initiative to reduce negative environmental impacts on coral reefs as well as managing and preventing potential overtourism. Read more

Developing sustainable tourism practices in Ambon, Indonesia, October 2019

While still a lesser known dive destination – there are only a handful of dive shops in the area – awareness of Ambon among divers is steadily growing. For this reason, Green Fins implementation is key while this relatively “young” dive destination is still developing. By reaching the Ambon dive industry before it gets too big, the Green Fins Indonesia team can set the bar for environmental standards and make sustainable diving practices the norm in the area. Read more

A history of Green Fins in… the Maldives

A series looking at the sustainability journeys of different Green Fins countries. Next up: the beautiful Maldives… Read more

A History of Green Fins in… Thailand

An overview of Green Fins in Thailand: where it all began and where Green Fins established its ethos ofbeing an industry-led initiative! Read more