Protecting reefs through environmentally friendly diving and snorkelling practices


Thank you for your determination to help save coral reefs! 100% of the funds raised will be used for implementation and development of the Green Fins initiative. Your support will result in a measurable reduction in the impact of diving and snorkelling activities to coral reefs, making them more resilient to survive when faced with greater threats such as those associated with climate change.



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As a dive professional leading and guiding scuba divers, you have the ability to positively influence diver behaviour and help protect coral and other marine life on every dive. If you can manage your divers and prevent them causing damage, then you are helping protect coral reefs one dive at a time. Take the Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course now!



Become a partner

Reef-World has mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses across the industry to drive sustainable value chains through uptake of the Green Fins Code of Conduct and messaging. As a result, tangible outcomes can be seen for the ocean, communities and the economy.


Author: Juliana Corrales

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Diving hotspots across South East Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and the Caribbean


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Dive staff trained on environmental impacts on coral reefs and actionable solutions to reduce those threats

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